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The Cafe In Portugal

     Reeling from her husband’s death, Grace, forty-two, leaves Toronto with her young son to take up residence in a village in Algarve, Portugal. 


     Attractive and vulnerable, Grace catches the eye of Manny, a one-armed American ex-pat, who frequents a little cafe across from the beach. His “right hand man” is Otis, a young, handsome Canadian, who  watches intently while Manny takes Grace under his wing with sexual intent she doesn’t share, and fends off the advances of his land-lady’s beautiful, under-aged daughter


     But it’s when Poppy from London befriends her that Grace encounters real trouble. Poppy uses Grace to help entrap Freddie, a womanizing British ex-pat she’s obsessed with. Freddie fancies Poppy, but Freddie also fancies Grace; The result is explosive; It changes Graces life, and for everyone else it redefines the meaning of love.

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