Love Is A Starving Tiger

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Chapter One - Love Is A Starving Tiger
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     Maggie Lombard, forty-four, is the beautiful and accomplished President of the Toronto Institute of Fashion Arts. She’s also a wife and mother, who handles the pressures of her glamourous, high profile career and demanding personal life with skill, style and charm - until her sister brings her new husband home to meet her family.       


     Fourteen years younger and devastatingly attractive, Dean conquers Maggie. His raw sexual power obliterates her resistance, and takes her on an emotional roller coaster that both thrills and terrifies her.

     She struggles with fear and guilt, but passion consumes her and makes her reckless. Her family and professional relationships implode; Fear overwhelms her, and she’s forced to confront the truth about her twenty-two-year marriage, her career, her family, and the woman she really is. 

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