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The Hotel In Portugal

     The Hotel in Portugal is an old guest house in a village by the sea. Beatrice, a beautiful seventeen-year-old blonde, grew up there with her mother, a British ex-actress who owns Casa Antiga.

     Beatrice is passionately in love with Otis, a young Canadian with emotional scars she knows she can heal. She’s sure they’ll finally consummate their love on her upcoming birthday, but a big, handsome German walks into Casa Antiga and changes everything.

     Fritz Biedl is thirty-four, rich, decadent, and used to getting everything he wants. From the moment he looks over the Reception desk of Casa Antiga and sees her, he wants Beatrice. Immediately obsessed, he plots to destroy her love for Otis, and take her for himself.

     Beatrice and her mother are oblivious to the threat Fritz poses. Only Otis sees the danger. Only Otis knows what’s coming.

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